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The Ultralite has laminates of Butternut with eastern white pine, and some tulip for compression resistance.    (please note that the paddle pictured has darker cedar laminates; the Butternut I am using now is a browner color, so not as reddish -- otherwise the same).  The paddle weighs approx. 20 -22 ounces (depends on length and width)  and is gorgeous!  A slight lip assists the blade 'purchase', and even if you don't know what this means, it is critical to blade 'bite' or grip, as it enters the water.  I do a lot of testing on blades, and this is one of the most critical features.  This style blade also eliminates blade waffle -- something you will notice with fuller blades that have no lip.  Balance is excellent, so the blade and shaft share a unique feel -- as one!  
        These blades are very durable.  The edges are wrapped in a triple Ash  banding;  a laminated maple/phenolic tip is embedded into the powerface; they flex, so they don't just suddenly snap, like a carbon shaft will under sudden duress.  
        Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. 
Note;  the two lower pics are of 10" paddles (max width) and were sent to me by the owner, who has used them about a year (his tape on shaft) -- 


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