The Surge Ultralite is has the lower profile blade, but otherwise is the same layup as the Ultralite.  Butternut  with eastern white pine, and some tulip for compression resistance.  The paddle weighs approx. 19 ounces, and is gorgeous!  A slight lip assists the blade 'purchase', and even if you don't know what this means, it is critical to blade 'bite' or grip, as it enters the water.  I do a lot of testing on blades, and this is one of the most critical features.  This style blade also eliminates blade waffle -- something you will notice with fuller blades that have no lip.  Balance is excellent, so the blade and shaft share a unique feel -- as one!  
        These blades are very durable.  The edges are wrapped in a triple Ash banding that provide super durability and just strengthens the entire bladed; a/phenolic tip is embedded into the powerface; they flex, so they don't just suddenly snap, like a carbon shaft will under sudden duress.  
        Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Surge Ultralite