Surge Double angle. This has to be about the best all around Outrigger paddle for the price. It's just right! Not inflated for ego growth. It's a very durable, suitably lightweight, great feeling paddle -- . Laminated mostly from Tulip (this is local grown, upstate NY tulip) which has a very good strength to weight ratio, as well as a pleasant beauty. The blade is laminated from Tulip, with Black Walnut accent strips. Edges are Maple, for both looks and durability. The tip is a phenolic red maple laminate embedded into powerface.  Slightly ovalled shaft. ..around 22 oz.----9" wide The Standard paddle is great entry level paddle, somewhat sophisticated, smooth and great feeling. It possesses all the characteristics of a great paddling stick, without the high price tag. Its durability, useability, weight and price make it unmatched in the outrigger community. Surge blade shape -- and very popular.  Lower blade dynamics with low shoulders.   

Surge Double