This new style paddle has a lower profile blade, with excellent dynamics. The blade is laminated from white pine,  walnut and basswood, and surrounded totally with 3 bandings of Ash, a flexible, very tough wood common to the area I live in (which all the woods I use are) .  This makes for a super durable edge, that ties in with a phenolic tip. The result is a lighter, stronger blade, and frankly, there aren't any like it. The plastic edging on some wood paddles doesn't strengthen the blade, nor is it as durable, and it certainly isn't as attractive: it isn't even wood! The all wood aspect of this paddle, along with it's incredible durability and comfortable weight, give it an excellent feel and provide the paddler with a superior experience. All handmade, without the distinction of being factory machined. The blade pictured is 9.25" wide. Narrower blades will look somewhat different. I would recommend 9" for most paddlers. Palm or T grip. T is the most common for outrigger paddlers.     Double angle or 10 degree single angle.  

Surge PS