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This paddle is called the 'Standard' because most of it's features are the standard on most outrigger paddles.  I call it the Standard because it's my most basic paddle -- it's my standard.  Being my most basic paddle doesn't mean that there is anything less about it than my other paddles.  I build it the same way, shape it the same way, take the same care with it. But it is a less complicated layup, is more basic, and requires less work and time.  The strength to weight ration is very high; it feels great, it is handsome.....pretty much everything you need in a paddle, until you want to move on to a higher level, more sophisticated stick.   Around 22 ounces for a 50"er.   You can turn this paddle into a lighter, more durable version, by selecting the phenolic spliced edging option.  (2 paddle pic, with backside of paddle)

Standard 10 Degree

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