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This beautiful cruising paddle has been revived! The blade is a bit sorter but otherwise it is especially crafted for those who want a superb cruising/touring paddle; multiple laminates of lotsa stuff -- white pine, tulip, willow, cedar, walnut -- the blade is surrounded, all the way, by triple bands of Elm, has a reinforced maple, phenolic tip ; approx. 22-3 ounces for 51"er; elegant, comfy palm grip -- made to order; (the palm grip is the default grip on this cruiser, so you don't need to select it -- otherwise you are charged for it, and if I don't catch it, you've paid extra.)  If you really want a T grip, no problem.  Just email me and tell me or put in order notes.  No extra charge.  It's a nice modified T, that is made more for the contours of your hand than for the simplicity of machining!!


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