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The Carbon Fibre Fad

The carbon fibre fad....

Some thoughts on weight, stiffness:  Lightweight wood paddles aren't something the carbon fibre builders are promoting of course, but they have a lot of advantages that those builders won't ever mention -- one of the main ones being they are all somewhat different -- which is something molded paddles cannot be, other than the sticker you might apply yourself.  There is no reflection of individuality, no custom aspect, nothing to distinguish your new ultra-stiff, lightweight, black, sun absorbing, easy to fracture, tough on joints stick.  Of course, these are all the attributes those who make them promote -- the very things, that over the years, I understand make them even less likeable.  Their durability is advertized as one of their attributes -- not if you happen to whack the blade against something that might fracture it.  You see, CF isn't any tougher than fiberglass when it comes to impact resistance; its lighter and stronger, but how much strength does a blade need --after all,  it's not an airplane wing.  And the price?  For hybrids, nearly $300?  Why, if the shaft is wood?  Is it the decal?  The blade is the thing that costs so much, not the shaft -- so why so expensive?  And if you are a parent, is this something you think is a good idea -- spending $300 on a paddle, just because it is trendy and has a nice decal, and you have been fooled into thinking it's ultradurable?  If the paddle is lost -- which happens with kids...and it the sticker that identifies it?

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