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This is the place to come to when you want hands-on paddlebuilding! Plus I am the one taking phone calls and answering emails. (if for some reason you email me and I don't respond, it got spammed, so try again and put '[paddle' in subject, or call). I am it -- there aren't any machines cloning blades and shafts here; it is all done with my hands -- using small machinery, like sanders and routers. I love shaping wood, and since what I am shaping has to fit into the water as well as your hands, it feels sorta like magic!

I'm a hands on builder; I don't farm out my work -- I frankly like doing it too much. Wood paddles that are made by hand have a lot to offer that cloned, composite, carbon fibre, hybrids just cannot have -- the feeling of having been made and shaped by hand.

I have been doing this a long time. I got started when I raced flatwater canoes, sortof awhile back! -- I still paddle a lot, so I am continually using my own paddles. I am the original builder of the double angle. 

I also spend a lot of effort on finishing.  It's not a spray on or some magic 2 part finish. It's 5 coats, dipped, of polyurethane.  This is a minimum of 5 days to finish, because the stuff takes a day to cure, unless it's the middle of summer, then it's more just because of the humidity, which can only be controlled so much.  The bottom line here is that the finish isn't going to wear off for a long time; and small scratches or dings aren't going to hurt the paddle.  I have people send me paddles they've had for 25 years, to be refinished! (honestly, a lot of the time, they should have sent them a few years earlier!)...

Ask about club and highschool discounts--- And, I do sell paddles in NZ, with club and team discounts, as well as discounts on some paddles ---

 I do make double angles; I make them for pretty  much any design paddle on my site -- and I also make a lot of special custom paddles>  contact me with any questions>


    Gillespie Carbonfibre hybrids..$220  group discounts avail.... Approx 17 ounces   very light, very durable--- check out the hybrid link    



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